ABI Dragmaster

The ABI Dragmaster is the most advanced surface preparation implement suited for nearly all equine events from Racing, Equestrian, Cow Horse and Western! Earning the trust of the World Equestrian Games - WEG, AQHA, NRHA, NCHA, NRCHA and more is not easy. It can only be earned with proven results over a long period of time. Today, the ABI Dragmaster is the arena drag to which all other arena drags are measured.

A warning – beware of look-a-like imitations. ABI Attachments is the inventor of the Profile Blade and similarly named products. ABI are also the innovators of the 7 points of contact found on the Dragmaster.

It is the pinnacle of the arena drag market, bar none. What makes the ABI Dragmaster so special and different from the rest? It begins with the design, arena drag design comes from a complete understanding of every facet of horse arena construction and maintenance combined with exceptional understanding of how different types of equipment affect a variety of soil combinations and conditions. This knowledge can only be acquired by a dedication to study and testing. The ABI Dragmaster works to maximise performance, protect from injury and increase longevity of the competitive life of the horse as well as the surface itself.

Key design innovations of the ABI Dragmaster include:

  • Tow behind trailing style enables independence from tractor undulations and creates a perfect ground plane.
  • All ground engaging components are independently adjustable from the frame for the ultimate in control.
  • Profile Blade Technology cleans the top of the base surface of compaction layers and eliminates ridging.
  • Hydraulic control of the functions of the drag, from the seat of the tractor, enables efficiency and precision.
  • Massive PTO watering system mixes water into the footing to control dust and maintain proper moisture levels.
  • Versatile design for both English +Western equine disciplines in any soil type or condition.


Hydraulic Grading / Levelling Blade

The grading blade of the DragMaster is hydraulically controlled from the seat of the tractor. This blade operates independently from the main frame, which allows the operator to control the amount of material being moved without adjusting the rest of the action of the DragMaster. Because the distance between the DragMaster’s axle and the back tires of the tractor create a "ground plane" and because the grading blade is in the middle of this "ground plane", keeping an arena perfectly level has never been easier. The DragMaster’s grading blade is curved which makes the footing material roll forward, has closed ends to keep footing material on the blade and has an adjustable cylinder on one side of the blade, which allows for grading a crowned arena.

Adjustable Grooming Rods

The DragMaster’s, scarifier bar is needed when the arena footing easily compacts and the density of the footing requires more of a "chisel" effect for it to be loosened. These scarifiers are hydraulically controlled from the seat of the tractor and are operated independently from the main frame of the DragMaster. This allows the operator to use the scarifiers as needed while either taking the Dragmaster out of action, or leaving the DragMaster to work the ground. The scarifier tips are made from a hardened, wear resistant, steel and are bolt on for easy replacement.

Hydraulic Scarifier System

The finish rake pulverises and breaks up clumps of material and leaves a beautiful signature finish behind. The rake can pivot vertically to grade and move large amounts of material with ease. This system also enables the rake to be pivoted to apply pressure to compact and seal any material. Many customers even use this rake to break up manure in a pasture. The finish rake is made of 12mm hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in 300mm sections to reduce maintenance costs.

Hydraulic Transport + Gauge Wheels

The DragMaster’s Gauge Wheels and axle are the "heart" of this Arena Drag. The floatation tires (4 of them) support the weight of the DragMaster and water tank and keep its loosening depth perfectly consistent with every pass. These Gauge Wheels are also used for transportation and are controlled by hydraulics. At the centre of the axle is a hydraulic cylinder that controls the raising and lowering of the axle and wheels. This cylinder has a series of "stop collars" and an adjusting nut that gives the operator 100% control of the depth of the loosening action. Simply find the proper depth for the Profile Blade and Grooming Rods and then set your adjustable nut and stop collars so that every time the DragMaster is raised and lowered, the exact amount of depth is consistent within 1.6mm. These Gauge Wheels also act in conjunction with the rear tires of the tractor to make a "land plane" which allows the Grading Blade to easily smooth out and level an arena.

Revolutionary Profile Blades

The patented Profile Blades of the DragMaster will loosen 100% of the arena footing with every pass! No longer does an operator have to make multiple passes to loosen all the footing. These Profile Blades slice through the footing similar to a "sod cutter" or a knife through a stick of butter loosening the footing material from the bottom up, not the top down. This eliminates ALL ridges in the footing allowing the footfall of the horse to be flat and perfect every time! An additional benefit of the Profile Blades is that, at what ever depth the Profile Blade is working, it is re-establishing the base. So this makes the DragMaster the only arena drag on the market that can adjust the depth of the footing, both deeper and shallower, with every pass.

1,100L - 1,900L PTO Water System

The amount of water in your footing is critical to its strength, cushion and rebound; not to mention dust control! The DragMaster has the largest watering system available on any arena drag in the world. All sizes come standard with a 1,100L (300-gallon) tank and the 3.05m - 4.88m models have an optional 1,900L (500-gallon) upgrade available. The DragMaster’s watering system has a PTO driven pump that puts out up to 62 gallons per minute through four (4) nozzles mounted in front of the Grader Blade. Being able to control the volume of water applied to the footing from the seat of the tractor is critical to getting an even distribution. With the DragMaster, you will no longer have wet and dry spots or too much water at the ends. The DragMaster makes applying the right amount of water a simple task!


Working Width 2.44mm 3.05mm 3.66m
Min. Horse Power 45hp 55hp 65hp
Unit Weight: 1270kg 1545kg 1857kg
Levelling Blade Hydraulic Control 50.8mm x 203.2mm Cylinder
Laser Ready Yes Yes Yes
# of Grooming Rods 23 29 29
Grooming Rod Spacing 203.2mm Centre Per Bar 101.6mm Space Between
Grooming Rod Gauge 25.4mm 25.4mm 25.4mm
Grooming Rods Adjustable +Replaceable
# of Scarifiers 10 12 14
Scarifier System Hydraulic Control 50.8mm x 203.2mm Cylinder
Scarifier Tips Replaceable Hardened Steel
Water Tank 1,100L
1,100L or
(300 or 500gal)
1,100L or
(300 or 500gal)
PTO Pump Cast iron 6-roller pump with Buna-N shaft seals and Super Rollers.
Max. flow 62 gpm; Max. pressure 150 psi
Hydraulic Ports Required 2 Sets of Ports (2 In +2 out)
Hydraulic Hoses Included - #8 Included - #8 Included - #8
Wheels 4 with Hydraulic Control Wheel Lift System (101.6mm x 203.2mm Cylinder)
Hitch Type Pin Pin Pin
Designed Use Horse Arena Only Horse Arena Only Horse Arena Only
Finish Rust Resistant Black Gloss Powder Coating
Warranty 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited
Australia Wide Ph: 1800 609 669