Arena Rascal Pro

The Rascal Pro is ideal for grooming horse arenas, grading driveways and lots, preparing seedbeds, pasture maintenance and more! This tool enables ease of operation for those that would prefer to not operate a three-point tractor. It offers the level of precision and control required to properly groom the most expensive riding arena surfaces, yet with a few adjustments, it also provides the power and aggressiveness to completely renovate a driveway riddled with potholes or washouts. Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world have discovered, one tool does it all! A warning – beware of look-a-like imitations. ABI Attachments is the inventor of the rail blade and similarly named products. ABI are also the inventor of the 3 point adjustment feature found in the Rascal Pro.

The Rascal Pro is the ideal tool for:

  • Horse Arena Grooming,
  • Pen Grooming,
  • Driveway + Lot Grading,
  • Pasture Maintenance,
  • Seedbed Preparation,
  • Trail Conditioning,
  • Baseball Infield Maintenance,
  • And many more applications!


The Arena Rascal Pro also features a patented wheel-lift system, large stabilising wheels, commercial quality construction, ground contact pitch adjustment, and an easy drop pin hitch for connection to all types of ATV and small tractor. For more information on any of these features please visit ABI Attachments.

Revolutionary Profile Blades

Similar in concept to a sod cutting blade, the new “profile blades” cut parallel to the arena grade. They act as a cutting blade below the surface; eliminating 100% of ridges in a single pass. The Arena Rascal Pro is the only pull behind style arena drag on the market that conditions 100% of the profile of the footing in only one pass. This is critical for equine disciplines such as Reining and Dressage and helps protect against soundless related injuries. Profile blades save an enormous amount of time on the tractor or ATV because the driver no longer has to make multiple passes over the same footing with different patterns!

Ripping Teeth

The adjustable rippers transform the Arena Rascal Pro into an aggressive tool for breaking up most any hardpan surface. In addition, these rippers enable the Arena Rascal Pro to be used to maintain gravel driveways and lots, prep seedbeds, maintain trails, maintain food plots and so much more! Adjustable from 0mm - 175mm they easily rip deep (when needed) to prep for certain equine disciplines and even eliminate pot holes from driveways.

Pivoting Finish + Grading Rake

The finish rake pulverises and breaks up clumps of material and leaves a beautiful signature finish behind. The rake can pivot vertically to grade and move large amounts of material with ease. This system also enables the rake to be pivoted to apply pressure to compact and seal any material. Many customers even use this rake to break up manure in a pasture. The finish rake is made of 12mm hardened steel for long life and is replaceable in 300mm sections to reduce maintenance costs.


The Arena Rascal Pro comes in a range of sizes for every application. The 137cm, 168cm, 198cm and 229cm wide units are designed to fit a range of tow vehicles and facility requirements.

Model R4.5 R5.5 R6.5 R7.5
Width 1.37m 1.68m 1.98m 2.29m
Weight 159kg 177kg 192kg 209kg
Rippers 5 7 9 11
Profile Blade Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Min CC Rating 4WD 350cc 450cc 550cc 650cc
Min Power Rating 4WD 18 h.p. 20 h.p. 25 h.p. 30 h.p.
Warranty 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited


Unlike all other arena drags the Arena Rascal Pro incorporates patent pending "Base Safe" and "Profile Blade Technology." This technology grooms every square centimetre of the footing material and safely cleans the base, under the surface, of dangerous compaction layers. On the surface it creates the ultimate finish +premium cushion. Other drags maintain the arena with scarifier/ripping teeth that groom from the surface down- leaving ridging and waves. With competitors drags your surface might look well groomed but your horse will not appreciate having to ride on ridges under the surface. No other pull behind style arena drag has the ability to create a clean smooth base and perfectly finish the footing material on every pass.

Add the optional electric actuator to adjust the footing depth “on-the-fly” from the seat of the tow vehicle. Pivot the back finish rake into the grading position and move footing around as needed to remove high spots and fill in low spots. Even add the optional scarifying teeth to transform the Arena Rascal Pro into an incredible gravel driveway and property maintenance tool.


We work a lot of horses and use every hour in every day and need equipment that will stand up to our pace. We don't have time for breakdowns, spare parts or average work..... and this is why we use ABI Attachments - everyone understands the value for money when they see and use ABI equipment.

Heath and Rozzie Ryan - Rascal Pro and Manure Spreaders


Worth. Every. Single. Cent.

A. Herbert S.A - Rascal Pro

“After careful research of the arena rakes and arena drags currently on the market in Australia, my husband and I settled on buying an Arena Pro Rascal for me to use in my horse arena. The service we received from the team at Anvil was faultless from my first enquiry until delivery of my Arena Pro Rascal, and Anvil's after sales service is efficient with friendly advice and helpful information gladly provided.

My Arena Pro Rascal surpassed my expectations in every way: it is an extremely well constructed, well designed piece of equipment of exceptional quality and great versatility. Importantly, adjustments for my requirements are simple, it is easy to manoeuvre and the results after use are sensational.

My overall experience with Anvil has been excellent and my satisfaction with my Arena Pro Rascal is complete.”

Annie - Rascal Pro 4’5 with Rail Edge

“After 3 years, I’m very happy with the Rascal, does a great job. Durability wise it is built like a brick s**t house and I suspect it will still be on the planet in a thousand years with the cockroaches for company.

It would get used at the least twice a week on a 60x80m limestone arena and shows no sign of wear so the cutting blade (profile blade) must be made of very durable steel. More than happy to take calls”

NZ Customer

Australia Wide Ph: 1800 609 669